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Fixed Benches

No gym is complete without a Weights Bench. A bench press is a weight lifting strength training exercise that is done with a flat, incline, and/or decline Weights Bench and a weight that you hold level with your chest and then raise up until your elbows lock, or are close to locking. Using this piece of gym equipment, you can strengthen muscles in your arms and chest. If you want to do bench presses in your home gym, there is some equipment you will need. You will need a good set of weights and a good quality Weights Bench that is comfortable for you. Weight training is a tremendous way to increase your fitness level. Having a Weights Bench included in your home gym equipment can help you do a number of exercises. Take a look at our large selection of high-quality, comfortable Weight Benches. They can be adjusted to different inclines and declines, giving you the ability to isolate different muscle groups as you lift weights. Our Weights Benches can also come with preacher curl, leg extension, and lat pull-down attachments. We have a range of Orbit, Body Solid and Force USA Weights Benches to choose from. We something for all budgets.

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